6 Tips to Create the Life You Desire Through your Thoughts

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Every day, you are either adding or subtracting from your life. You are consciously creating either a positive or negative outcome in your present and future. You can create the life you desire through your thoughts by choosing to focus on the things that bring you happiness, joy, health, abundance, etc.

Fortunately, it is possible to make changes to your life.  It all begins with your thoughts, and the actions you take to make things happen.

Here are 6 tips you need to do to create the life you desire:

1.  Stop blaming others –

First, you need to stop blaming others.  You may be blaming your boss for not giving you a raise, or blaming your spouse for cheating on you or blaming your siblings because they make more money than you.  Blaming never gets you anywhere.  It causes you to assume the victim role, which makes change next to impossible.

2.  Quit being jealous of others – 

The world owes you nothing.  You are completely responsible for creating the life you want.  When you are jealous of others, you are comparing yourself to them.  This is a sure road to negative thoughts and resulting unhappiness.  You need to put your jealousy aside, so that you can focus on YOUR life and what you want to get out of it. 

3.  Learn how to build true internal happiness –

Your happiness should not come from the outside world, and what happens there.  Instead, you need to learn how to develop internal happiness.  When you find that internal happiness, it opens up your mind to new opportunities. 

Some people find this happiness when they believe in a higher power, such as God.  Having true happiness can also come from knowing that you are here on this Earth to serve a greater purpose.  When you can determine what your purpose is, it will carry you to new heights in your life.   

4.  Be willing to take risks –

You cannot have the life you want until you are willing to put fear aside, and take some risks.  It can be very scary to give up a job, even if you do not like it, in order to start up your own business.  However, unless you take that chance, you will never know what could have been.  You have to be true to yourself, and dream about what you want out of your life.  Then make sure to take action to make those dreams come true.

5.  Believe in yourself –

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.  Therefore, you do not want to feed your mind with all sorts of negative messages of fear and self-doubt.  Instead, you need to tell yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and that you are smart and worthy of having the life you want.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn

6.  Know exactly what kind of life you want to have –

It is not enough just to say that you want a better life, or that you want to have more money, for example.  You need to have real pictures in your mind, as your brain responds well to visual images.  Begin by asking yourself, “What are some specific things that I would like to accomplish?”  For example, you may want to build a bigger house or a new shop to store all your storage auction hauls, or you may want to take your family on a trip to Graceland or your favorite baseball teams spring training session. 

This is where the creation of a “vision board” can be beneficial.  Look online or in magazines and print out or clip out pictures that depict goals you want to achieve.  You can include quotes or words that inspire you.  The vision board should represent your goals and dreams for the future, and how you want your life to be. 

For example, if you want to go on that trip to Graceland, do the research on where exactly you want to go and what you want to do, and put pictures of those places and things on your vision board.  Keep the board in a place where you see it every day, so that it is a reminder of why you are taking steps to make it happen. 

Another tip is that you can make one vision board for your personal goals, and another one for your career/business goals. 

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