6 Methods to Attract More Positive People to You

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It’s easy to attract more positive people in your life when you are not only optimistic about the future, but also positive about yourself. Our thoughts directly influence our actions and can even cause us to think positively or negatively. If you are feeling down on yourself, you might be projecting negativity onto others. But if you are kind to yourself and find ways to celebrate your achievements, others will come along who appreciate those qualities.

Here are 6 easy methods to do this:

  1.   Show others that you love yourself –

This is not referring to being so self-absorbed, which no one likes.  Instead, some ways that you can show others that you love yourself is through some of the following: a well-groomed appearance, respect for your body by not drinking to excess, and never putting yourself down. 

For example, we have all overheard someone say aloud that “I am stupid,” or “I can never do anything right.”  These are not the kinds of things that you would say to someone you love, so you should never say them to yourself either. 

You can also show others that you love yourself, by ensuring that you are treated with respect.  When you treat yourself respectfully, others will do the same, and will be attracted to that quality.

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated –

This probably sounds like something your mom told you when you were a child.  When you treat other people with the respect that they deserve, and show them how important they are to you through your words and actions, you are shining positive energy on everyone around you. 

  1.   Accept yourself as you are –

Forget about trying to keep up with all the celebrities!  Many of them are not happy with themselves, and look for social validation by continuously uploading their selfies to social media. 

Instead, you need to concentrate on you and your life, not that of others.  When you can accept that you are a unique individual with your own talents and skills, people will be attracted to you and your outlook on life. 

If you need to, write out a list (or grab the freebie above) that includes reasons why you are special.  Be sure to include the things that you know how to do, and at which you excel. 

  1.   Smile and exude happiness –

Quit dwelling on past failures, even if they happened as recently as today or yesterday. Trust me, this may be hard but consider giving it a try. Do not live in the past, but instead choose to live in the present.  Smile, laugh, and show happiness through the words you speak, and you will attract other happy, positive people to you. 

  1.   Do not talk badly about others –

Gossip is not healthy.  It makes you appear petty and two-faced.  Instead, you want to focus on the good qualities of other people.  Nobody is perfect, and you can find something positive in most people.  When you focus on the positives, the negative things appear smaller and less important. 

  1.   Be grateful –

Do not complain or focus on what is lacking in your life, whether that is financial issues or health concerns, for example.  Instead, be grateful for what you do have.  You may want to make a list of everything that is good in your life and that you are grateful for, and then refer to it every time you feel that you need a positive mental boost. 

To conclude, when you follow some of the above ideas, you will attract other positive and good people into your life.  Be sure to get started now, and watch your life get better from this day forwards. 

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