One of my favorite parts of blogging was including an Finds list.  Last year I had did various weeks of Amazon Finds that I would find.  This year, I’ve decided to do themed weeks.  It won’t necessarily be all Amazon but other retailers as well.  To me, this is fun to find some amazing items for you!

This week, this animal has been on my mind for a while, it is all about the Aardvark!!  Per Wiki, this is a nocturnal mammal native to Africa.

Hope you enjoy my Finds List for the week!

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1987 Hasbro Figure – Ardent Aardvark

Cerebus The Aardvark T-Shirt

Comic books, toys, Stuffed animals, even Hot Sauce – who knew that there were some many items that showcase Aardvarks!  As I get going from week to week, I’ll be adding more content as I go.  This is more of a starting off point for me!

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