Favorite Reads

I love to read. If I could read all day, I definitely would and have some days. Going to the library back in the day, I would check out the maximum number of books at a time and go back often each month. Do you enjoy reading? What are some of your favorite reads? Just checked my Kindle purchases and at the moment, I’ve had nearly 1100 items downloaded since 2012. Now, that’s a lot of books! Currently I have 72 books on my kindle to read! I take my time reading these books; I’ll alternate between reading magazines and e-Books and regular books.

One of my favorite resources to find books is through a website called – BookBub. I get daily emails with their book choices (some are free and some are paid); you get to choose what genres you are interested in.

Another great resource is to check with your local library. Do you have a library card? Often times, there will be certain perks with your card. The library card that I have allows me to borrow books from Amazon to read. After you’ve read them, you get to then “return” the book and you can then choose another one.

This page will be an updated page of books that I highly recommend that you read (books that I’ve already read and loved) – fiction, business, mysteries, action and more. Maybe you’ll find a winner to add to your book collection! Hope you enjoy these!

Girl, Alone by Blake Pierce – This is a suspense thriller. FBI agent, Ella Dark, gets a chance to join the Behavioral Crimes Unit. Ella has an expansive knowledge of serial killers and she was singled out to join the big leagues.

Nothing to Fear by Claire Boston – This is a mystery romance. Hannah returns to her home town after a traumatic assault. She receives strange gifts and a stalker fixates on her. She is forced to seek help from the new cop.

Movie Club Mysteries by Zara Keane – This is a cozy mystery. Maggie is an ex-cop turned private investigator looking to find paradise in her new home; unfortunately dead bodies and mystery seem to follow. This was an entertaining box set – books 1-3.

In His Sights: One Woman’s Stalking Nightmare – A Memoir by Kate Brennan – This was an interesting book to say the least; I often don’t read memoirs but the description had me purchase this. Basically, the man that you love turns into a ruthless and relentless tormentor and its an unending nightmare.

Tubby Palooza: 9 Rollicking Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries by Tony Dunbar – This is crime fiction. Tubby Dubonnet is a lawyer, simple man with a refined palate. Tales of running from the mob, thwarting bank heists, and good deal of rubbing elbows with corrupt politicians. This is a great and long read. Only downside – stories jump all around and words just are a bit jumbled. But if you can get past that, this is a wonderful mystery book.

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set: Books 1-6 by W.J. May – This is a paranormal fantasy. Rae Kerrigan basically learns that she’ll receive a tattoo when she turns 16 and that tattoo will give her special powers. She and her friends learn how to use their powers and fight evil and navigate relationships – mentors, friends, family, and loves. This book really reminds me of the Harry Potter Series.

Girl Lost: A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery by Kate Gable – This is a mystery. Detective Kaitlyn is splitting her time between two cases – disappearance of her sister and disappearance of a newlywed and the husband is not concerned. This book does have a slight cliffhanger though.

The Killing Game (An Alexa Chase Suspense Thriller) by Kate Bold – This is suspense thriller. Alexa is in a life and death game of cat and mouse with a notorious serial killer, who is fixated on her. She gets a new partner and they work together (sometimes with anger) to locate the fugitive killer. This was a very good book (not one to read at night if you want a peaceful sleep though – ☺️).

Dream Big, Stella! (Hope Springs Series Book one) by Ashley Farley – This is women’s fiction. Stella never knew her father until he passed away when he gifted her a historic inn on a massive farm in Virginia. She doesn’t have much of a life in New York and heads to Virginia to learn about her family and manage the inn. This was a great book to read; imagine being able to create the inn that you could ever desire!

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America by Katherine Mader – This is a personal account of her job as a judge. This book took me a long time to read as it had many stories and gave a great insight into the criminal justice world. If you ever wanted to know what a judge thinks, definitely recommend reading this!