My Recommendations

My Recommendations

Below are some of my recommendations of companies that I have and still do use! These companies are amazing!

Disclosure:  Listed below on this page are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase a product or service from one of my affiliate links. You do not incur any additional costs by purchasing through one of my links. 

Couple of local companies –

Nanosecond Tech LLC is an awesome computer repair and data recovery company.  Company is located in Whatcom County, WA.  I’m completely biased on this one as it’s my hubby’s company.  He has had over 15 years experience in this field and does amazing work!!  If you need any computer repair help or if you lost your data (and did not make a backup), please feel free to contact him and he’ll be glad to assist!!

Ryan and Jarvis Real Estate is an amazing husband and wife team (my brother in law and sister) located in Whatcom County.  If you are selling your home here or wish to purchase a home in Whatcom County, WA, they would be the perfect realtors for you!  They take care of their client’s needs and really listen to what you want.  They truly love what they do and it shows through their work!


 Dollar Shave Club is an amazing subscription club.  If you are looking for amazing razors at a reasonable price, definitely check out this site.  My hubby just loves this razors; they shave better than the expensive ones that we use to get and easily 75% of the cost!  We love to save when we can!  You can also skip a month, if you happen to have a surplus, which we have done a few times!

eBates is a fantastic company that helps you save even more money while shopping online.  There is an eBates button that you can install on your toolbar and it will notify you if you are shopping of any percent discounts that you can make on your purchase.  If it does show you that, you would then click on it, it will then say that a shopping ticket has been opened for you, and you can go about your business shopping.  Once you are done and have checked out, you should receive an email from them stating how much you have saved from your purchase.  It does vary depending on what you spend.  Sometimes they have double cashback days.  After 3 months, they will provide you a big fat check or can make a payment to your Paypal account.  At times, I’ve gotten $30 back but I’m also not a heavy shopper.  Your results may vary, depending on your shopping habits.  If you click on my link and make a purchase through it (new subscribers only), eBates will give you $10, in addition to the savings that you did through your purchase!

FabFitFun is a subscription club.  Check out my Fall 2017 current review!!


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