About Me

About Me

Hey! I’m so excited to have you visit my blog!! My name is Sherri Rudy and I live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest with my hubby of 5 years and fur-kitty.  Photo is a few years old but I haven’t changed much.

I do currently work at a full time job but am actively trying to work at home again.  It is so negative out in the world these days that I wanted to create a positive outlet.

That’s why, I’ll be posting positive quotes on this blog.  Love the energy and positivity that these provide!!

I’ll also be posting awesome reviews of products that I’ve personally use (some may be affiliate links, which you would not incur any additional costs).

And I’m sure that you’re wondering about the awesome finds – I’ll be posting wonderful vacations spots that I’ve been to (not many though as we don’t take too many trips), perhaps a Snoopy item, garage sale finds (I do love them!!), etc.

If any of this sounds amazing, I would love to have you as a subscriber (please click below in the Email Signup)!  Weekly emails will be sent out!

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