Ready to Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, Here are 5 Simple Tricks

Ready to Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, Here are 5 Simple Tricks

Come January, about 40% of all Americans will vow to change one thing or another about their lifestyle, including myself! New Year’s resolutions usually fall under the following categories:

  • Weight loss
  • Finance
  • Career
  • Personal development
  • Health and diet
  • Fitness
  • Stress management
  • Focusing on personal relationships

Fast forward 6 months later, 60% will have completely forgotten all about their resolutions. But carrying out your resolutions can be done. Read on for 5 simple tricks.

  1. Define your Motivation

There are 2 types of motivation:

  • Intrinsic – this means your motivation comes from inside. For example, you prefer jogging, going to the gym, or shopping by yourself because you like how you feel afterwards.
  • Extrinsic – you’re pushed forward by actions outside your personal scope. In other words, you prefer working out with your friends, and work harder when there’s a reward system in place.

Once you figure out your motivation type is, then all you have to do is put yourself in situations that make you more excited to accomplish even more.

  1. Actions speak louder than results

Deciding on a goal for the New Year is always easier said than done. However, it’s the steps you take to reach that goal that’s the tricky part. If you want to stick to your resolutions, it’s wise to break each step down into smaller goals, if possible, to make them more manageable. Moreover, each time you achieve one, reward yourself and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Positive reinforcement is crucial to help guide you as you push toward your goal and commit to your responsibilities. One way to keep everything in check is to make sure your actions are SMART:

  • Specific. Having a specific end result prevents you from making excuses.
  • Measurable. Evaluating your progress will give your motivation a boost.
  • Achievable. You can set daily goals as a building block to bigger goals.
  • Relevant. Otherwise, if it’s not relevant, why bother?
  • Time-bound. Goals need to have a defined end date.

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  1. Be Honest with yourself

The more realistic your resolutions, the more likely you’ll see them through. If your goal for the New Year is to exercise more, then start small. Instead of planning a 5-day workout week, go for 20 minutes a day then increase gradually.

You’ll find that, as with all goals, as soon as you start seeing what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be pumped to do even more. However, it’s crucial that you stay away from the “all-or-nothing” approach. Doing something, even if it’s a small piece of what you’d originally planned, is much better and more productive than doing nothing at all.

Moreover, it’s equally important to not have too many resolutions up in the air at once. Make a list, prioritize them, and go from there. Once you feel the first one’s in the bag, go for the second, and so on. Focusing on one goal at a time will channel your energy and efforts there, helping you reach your target faster.

  1. Think things through

Having a positive mindset is key when progressing towards your goals, but let’s be honest; every plan is bound for failure if you’re careful. Be smart and anticipate these obstacles so that when they do appear, you’ll be prepared.

For example, if you get bored when you exercise, choose upbeat workout music that’ll get you revved up. Or you can workout at home, as you catch up on your favorite TV shows. If your motivation method is extrinsic, go to the gym with a friend. The idea is to nip it in the bud before it becomes stronger than your willpower so that you can surmount any obstacle that comes between you and your goal.

  1. Be accountable for your actions

Accountability means you’re taking responsibility for the choices you’re making. This may seem easy to do at work when you have a deadline and a boss reinforcing it. It may not seem as easy when you’re home alone and skip out on cooking a healthy meal, and order take-out instead.

You can enlist the help of a friend or join a support group where you’d know that you made a certain commitment to someone, if it’s simply sending a photo of your home-cooked meal on social media.or, you can hang a calendar on your wall with progress notes so you can keep tabs on how far you’ve gotten and what still lies ahead.

Keeping your New Year’s resolution can seem scary at first. However, with these 5 steps, you can do anything you put your mind to. Moreover, once you accomplish your first resolution, you’ll find that it’s not only beneficial, it’s fun as well!

3 Simple Ways to Use Failure to Fuel Future Success

3 Simple Ways to Use Failure to Fuel Future Success

3 Simple Ways to Use Failure to Fuel Future Success


Did you know that there are 3 simple ways to use failure to fuel future success? You might be surprised to hear that failure is an important ingredient of success. It sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Who wants to put in all those hours of effort, all that investment and energy and enthusiasm, and then fail to fail? Surely success is the name of the game?


But stop and think about it just for a minute. Sure, everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to achieve the goals they set for themselves. After all, that’s the whole point! But if you look back over your success and failures, how often did you make a mistake? How many times did it take before you mastered a new skill? Guaranteed there will be few occasions where you got it right off the bat. But the key thing here is that you didn’t give up.  Trust me, don’t give up, keep trying!!


Here are three simple ways that failure can fuel future success.

1. Failure encourages innovation

Thomas Edison famously had more than a thousand failures before he invented the light bulb that worked. But he didn’t see those thousand attempts as failures. He saw them as useful discoveries. He knew a thousand ways to make a light bulb that didn’t work.


Alexander Fleming ‘invented’ penicillin by making a mistake. He forgot to follow his laboratory procedure and left Petri dishes unattended for two weeks, allowing fungi to colonize them. We’ve all forgotten things in the fridge. But on this occasion that mistake and failure led to one of the most revolutionary contributions to modern medicine!

2. Failure encourages learning and experimenting


Both Edison and Fleming learned from their mistakes. They weren’t paralyzed or crushed by what looked like a failure, and they didn’t fear failure. They were curious and investigated further and experimented to see what would happen. And by doing that they changed the world.


If you take the personal element out of failure, the moral self-punishment, you can reframe mistakes, errors, or failure as information to use in trying again and again. Mistakes allow you to recalibrate, adjust your strategy, to work out what’s preventing you from moving forward.  This, I know, I have had much mistakes, failure this summer; however I have persevered and conquered. The mistakes that I had made , the errors that have occurred with my blog have all made me more determined to learn and figure out how to proceed and keep going on!

3. Failure builds resilience


Have you watched a small child learning to walk? Over and over again the baby will fall over. At the beginning they make no progress at all, they crumple up. But little by little first one step then two, the baby learns to balance, to shift its weight from one side to the other, to master the skill of walking. Edison did the same on his quest to invent the light bulb. Every failure was a stepping stone to success. Every mistake or misstep gives you a clue as to how to reach your goal.


No one likes to fail, but the difference between staying defeated and becoming a success is not to see failure as an end in itself. Mistakes, ideas that didn’t work and flops are all evidence and teachings to help you build a sure foundation for success in the future.






Here’s What Comes in FabFitFun Box – Spring 2018 Edition

Here’s What Comes in FabFitFun Box – Spring 2018 Edition

Here’s what comes in FabFitFun Box – Spring 2018 Edition!  The summer box is actually coming any day now and I wanted to let you know what was in the last box!!  I was so excited to receive this box again and opening it is always a surprise.  Even though, you get to choose a couple of the items, you truly don’t know everything that goes into your box. Always impressed with the items in this fabulous box! A little about this website – Fabfitfun.  If you are interested in future boxes, please click here and you will receive $10 off your 1st box!  How cool is that??

They offer an Annual Subscription and a Seasonal Subscription.  An annual subscription for 4 boxes is approx $179.99, which is a $20 savings.  *$8/box shipping for Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. CA and WA and NY sales tax where applicable. All prices in United States Dollars (USD).    Or they offer a Seasonal subscription, which is 1 box at approx $49.99 (*$8/box shipping for Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. CA, WA and NY sales tax where applicable. All prices in United States Dollars (USD).).  So the fun part of getting the annual subscription is box customization, some items you can choose which one you want (often there is 2 or 3 choices of an item).  Also, you get early shipping and early access to Add-on’s (which are sometimes previous items from other boxes at a fantastic discount) – These often go fast!!  They have also started a Fitness Library of several workouts to choose from! 

The value on these boxes are often 4x – 7x what you pay for the box!  Completely worth the money, especially if you love these types of items and if you love to get surprised every few months!!  Below is what was received in my current Spring 2018 box –

The box before it is opened.  Isn’t this a beautifully designed box?  FabFitFun has a different artist design the box and this time it was Bijou Karman.  Absolutely gorgeous work!

Box is now open and inside is the Spring Edition 2018 magazine.  It describes all the goodies that are found in your box, including tips on how to use your items or fun articles about the artist. I always love reading up on this box.

This is Physique 57 Massage Roller.  I have been wanting one of these forever and was so excited that this was in the Spring Box!!  We have used it quite a bit and feels so good on the back. Value on this massage roller is $20.

This is Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler.    This filler keeps your nails healthy and is a wonderful treat to them.  Value of Filler is $18.

This is Korres Guava Body Butter.  This smells excellent and feels wonderful on the body!  Gotta love shea butter!  Value is $24.

This is Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask.  This mask also has a removable cooling insert.  Perfect for traveling!  Value is $40.

This is ISH Lip Statement Palette.  Features an amazing selection of 11 shades and 1 balm for your lips.  Do you want to stand out from the crowd?  So many color combinations, just imagine the possibilities!!  Value is $42.

This is Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle in Superbloom.  Love these candles and smells amazing!! Value is $45.

This is Maya Brenner Designs LOVE Bracelet. Absolutely gorgeous design; perfect for a night on the town or everyday!  Value is $65.

This is Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion.  An oil-free moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and hydrated.  Love that it is oil-free! Value is $40.

This is Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch.  Absolutely gorgeous design and perfect for a night on the town.  Imagine pairing this clutch with the gorgeous Love Bracelet and the ISH Lip Statement Palette! Value is $60

This is the overall photo of all the items that were in this box.  I know that I will definitely use these items and some of the items are perfect gifts too!  Value of this box is $354.

Hopefully you enjoyed my newest review of this fabulous FabFitFun box!!  I would love to have you as an email subscriber; please sign up to keep updated on newest blog posts, and occasional freebies!!  Right now, you can subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free Time Management eBook – please see the right side!

Do What You Love, Love What You Do – Quote #3

Do What You Love, Love What You Do – Quote #3

​Do What you Love, Love What You Do – this is a very powerful quote / statement.  Do you truly love what you are doing right now?  Do you love your job, hobbies, etc?I currently have this quote up on my wall and just love it!  I do look at it often when I’m sitting at my desk and it reminds me of why I enjoy writing and learning so much about my blog. It’s sometimes has been a struggle trying to figure out what I’m good at and truth be told, it’s always been writing. When I was younger, I would write short stories for my family and had my very first newsletter too. I enjoy being creative in writing and don’t believe that you should give up on your dreams.Guess you could say that I’m a dreamer, have big dreams that I want to accomplish and the way to do that is to persevere and continue working on those goals. There may be naysayers in your life, letting you know that it is not possible. Ignore them because it can be possible if you love what you do!Looking at history, there were several people that did have big dreams and loved what they did and accomplished a lot. For instance, if you check out Benjamin Franklin’s wiki page – – he was more than the guy who experimented with electricity (kite and lightning were involved), he was a scientist, inventor, leading author and many more jobs/careers. If he didn’t love what he did, well, his page on wiki would not be so long and most likely we would not have heard about him.Another instance is Oprah Winfrey (wiki page – – she grew up in poverty and look at where she is now. She has worn many hats – talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist. She is truly doing what she loves and it shows in all that she does.A little more closer to home – my younger sister – she first wanted to be a nurse but after school visits to our mom who worked in a real estate office, she decided to try her hand at being a realtor and started at the age of 19. She is pretty outgoing so this career choice was a perfect choice for her. She had dreams and certainly loved what she did. And you could tell that she was meant to be a realtor. In fact, she loves selling homes so much that she, her hubby, and a friend all went in together and bought their own franchise – more example – my hubby – ever since high school, he has had his fingers in computer tech work. He has worked for several computer repair companies and now owns his very own computer business – This is truly his dream job and he is truly loving it!! Even at family parties, he is usually on a computer trying to clean it up or speed it up!All these examples have one thing in common and it is Love. They are loving what they do and doing what they love! What about you? I would love to hear what you are lovin’ right now! Feel free to email me at!

Do You Need Money to be Happy?

Do You Need Money to be Happy?

​As the saying goes, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Or can it? Having a sufficient amount of money can certainly lower stress, but having an excess of it will not make you more happy than anyone else. So can money buy you happiness or not? Here are a few thoughts to ponder on the subject.Money Can Buy You a Limited Amount of HappinessStudies have shown that yes, having enough money to meet your needs and those of your family does bring happiness. People living in poverty are generally less happy than those whose needs are met. Being able to pay for your bills and having enough to get by financially will help you succeed in feeling happy.Excess Money Doesn’t Equal Excess HappinessHaving more money than you need, however, will not bring you extra happiness. Money and happiness are not proportional. Someone with enough money to buy a large house and several cars will not necessarily have more happiness than another individual with exactly what they need.  Look at the celebrities out there; many have multiple homes, cars, closets of clothes and shoes, etc.  Are they happy?  Some may be but a portion are not.  You hear about them in the news – bankrupt, suicide, divorce.  Having a surplus of money certainly does not always mean more happiness.Money Brings Stresses of Its OwnThere is stress that goes along with having money. Whether you have a little or a lot, you likely know about this stress. I certainly do understand as we try to figure out if we have the money to pay the bills or not.   There is the stress of knowing you need to spend what you have wisely, as well as the fact that people with ulterior motives are drawn to those who are financially wealthy.  Look at the lotto winners – they believe that money will help them with their troubles but generally it does not.  People come out of the woodwork looking for a handout and some people end up going bankrupt again.Not About What Comes in But What Goes OutIt is not so much the amount of money that you make that ensures your happiness, but about what you are spending it on and where it is going on the way out. There are some principles for using money that can help you to feel more satisfied. Where you put your money and who receives it can make a difference as to whether you gained something by having had it.Spend on Experiences, Not ThingsBuying more things is not proven to make a person happy. Although investing in items that will last seems like a wise move, studies show that we tend to adjust to what we obtain. Having these things doesn’t continue bringing unlimited happiness.

We are more likely to have long-term happiness when money is spent on experiences, which will give us lasting memories. Whether this means going on vacation by yourself or with your family, or making time to do something fun every now and then… be sure to create experiences rather than purchasing something that will simply fade away over time.  I love purchasing gift cards for experiences for my family as it is a time for us to spend time together or a time for them and their spouses to spend time.  For instance, I had bought for my mom and myself a Coconut Oil hair treatment (neither of us had this treatment before) for her birthday.  It was one of those Buy 1, get 1 free treatments! We got to spend the afternoon together and laugh about our greasy hair!Give It AwayGiving is one of the most satisfying things you can do with your money. Whether it is to charity or a friend in need, find a way to give back and share what you have. This is a way to spend that will bring long-term personal rewards.The short answer is no; you do not need money to be happy. Money can be useful, however, to prevent stress that can diminish the happiness that you do have. No matter what amount of money you have, use these tips to help achieve the level of happiness you desire, and live a life filled with joy.

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