6 Amazing Reasons Why You Should have Amazon Prime

Check out these 6 amazing reasons why you should have Amazon Prime!  Whole Foods, Prime Day Sales, Prime Music, Free 2 Day Delivery, Prime Video, and First Reads.

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  1. Whole Foods – Need I say more!!  This is an amazing deal.  For us here in Whatcom County, it could take us 30 minutes to drive in to the store.  Or, we could spend $35 and get free delivery!  Plus it is so easy to find $35 of groceries, its matter of not going nuts.  I was shocked to see so many dairy free options and that's great, as I'm lactose intolerant.   One of my favorite items is plant based whipped topping (tastes just like the same thing) and priced reasonable!  One other reason to consider – if you download the Whole Foods app and scan it at checkout, or checkout via Amazon, as a Prime member, you get an extra 10% off sales prices (exclusions apply).
  2. Prime Day Sales – Amazon has certain sale days where you have to be a Prime member to partake in.  In the past, we've purchased a few items but we certainly do not go crazy!  This year, the sale is on October 13, 14.  If you do not have a Prime Membership, consider getting a 30 day Free Trial.  In Fact, Whole Foods has a promotion that if you spend $10 in store or through delivery, you will receive $10 to use during the sale.
  3. Prime Music – I Love Love this feature!  As a Prime member you get access to over 2 million songs and no ads.  You can easily upgrade to the Unlimited version where there are over 60 million songs.  For me, though, I'm completely happy without the upgrade and enjoy listening to the same songs over and over again.  Couple of my favorite stations – Country Heat, All 80s, Easy Pop!
  4. Free 2 Day Delivery – Have you ever needed a gift and party is literally round the corner?  Getting the Free fast shipping is fantastic!  In the past, this has truly helped us out of jams.  I've gotten better at anticipating gifts so we just use these feature now for miscellaneous items.
  5. Prime Video – You can stream thousands of movies and TV Shows!  I've watched a few times  but I did notice some time lag where the voices did not match the mouths.  Slightly annoying but it could easily be our internet speed!  Great feature though, if you are not already paying for a TV movie service.
  6. First Reads – You can read next month's first releases for free and in the past, it's been 6 -9 choices and you get to choose 1 out of them.  If you have a Kindle, this is awesome!  Sometimes, during certain months, you get a choice of 2 books.  I love having the Kindle, especially when reading at night with a backlight.  But I also love the physical book as well.

To conclude, having Amazon Prime is fantastic!  The 6 reasons that I selected are just a few that this membership has to offer; they have many more perks!  Check them out here for more information!!

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